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Mildred at the Soopa Sock Party at BeWILDerwood

Half Term!

Key info:

    • Cheshire
    • Norfolk
  • 25th May - 2nd June
  • 10am - 5pm

Join us for the Soopa Sock Party this May Half Term!

Pull your socks up and venture down to the woods for a magical May half term!

The Grubbles have made their way to BeWILDerwood and we're celebrating with a Soopa Sock Party, yippee!

Wear red socks to BeWILDerwood this May Half Term (just like the ones that the Grubbles mend and dye) and show the Twiggle Team to get an exclusive bookmark!

Meet the Grubbles

Grubbles are good friends to the Boggles and they set up camps as they travel around, carrying their tents on their backs. They are excellent menders and fix socks and clothes! You might have spotted their Grubbles Camp in the woods!

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Dyed socks

Dye your own socks!

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A BeWILDermuddle the book

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Read all about the Grubbles and their adventures in the third BeWILDerwood book!

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