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Meet the

BeWILDerwood is stuffed with loads of characters written in our series of books. You don’t have to, but if you read “The Boggle at BeWILDerwood” before you come you might know what to say if you meet a Boggle, a Crocklebog or worse! Here are some of our favourite friends…


Swampy is a Marsh Boggle who loves a bite of Sweetsludge Pie. He’s not all that brave, but still seems to go on an awful lot of adventures. He loves fishing amongst the reeds and bulrushes of the pongy marsh, and he’s not so keen on frightening monsters with scary teeth.

Mildred the Crocklebog

What is that lurking in the darkest corner of the Scaaaaary Lake? Could it be a Thorny Crocklebog? Will it eat you? No! Our Mildred loves handbags, tiaras, and doing synchronised swimming on her own! She’s vegetarian, too, and she wants to be your friend.

Moss & Leaflette

Moss is a Boggle and he is married to Leaflette, who is a Twiggle. They are Swampy’s best friends. They love adventuring and Moss has a marvellous way of sniffing out delicious treats in the woods. Leaflette is the brainy one, which with Swampy and Moss about is a very good thing.

The Thornyclod Spider

If you hear clomping in the deep woods, it might be a huge Thornyclod Spider. It wears different shoes on each foot because you can’t buy shoes in eights. It cooks delicious marshmallows using only the finest real marsh.

Snagglefang the BeWILDerbat

Snagglefang is the leader of the fierce BeWILDerbat gang. Only he’s not really all that fierce. Sometimes he rescues Twiggle babies stuck in the treetops. Sometimes he steals Nutbug Crunch from the Boggles. But mostly he loves telling jokes…bad jokes!

Hazel the Goodwood Witch

Hazel knows everything there is to know about BeWILDerwood, including some very peculiar spells. She’s a nice witch as long as you are a nice sort of Boggle or Twiggle. She lives with her pet robin, Rosie, in the spooky Black Marsh in a crooked shack surrounded by pumpkins.

The Parasquawks

The most colourful flock of birds in the woods, Parasquawks love to decorate their nests with jewellery too. Sometimes with other people’s jewellery…they can be quite naughty. The loudest noise in BeWILDerwood is a Parasquawk’s “PAQUAAAR!”


If you see a tiny bright green Crocklebog bouncing through the forest wearing fluffy pink clip-on wings then you have probably met Minty. The youngest of our Crocklebogs, Minty loves gardening but uses paper flowers as she tends to eat the real ones.

Vera the Hippopotamuddle

If Grizzleberries muck up your muddy marsh you can always call on Vera the Hippopotamuddle to help clean up with her enormous wooden spoon. Somehow her polka dot pinny never gets dirty and we don’t know how she does it!

The Grubbles

If ever you find holes in your favourite socks, be sure to ask the Grubbles to mend them... if you can find them! Nobody knows where the Grubbles come from, except perhaps the Grubbles themselves!