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A mother and child play on the Twiggle Whizzers at BeWILDerwood

Why BeWILDerwood can help your
toddlers development

  • 4 minute read
  • Published 10th Jun 2024

BeWILDerwood is the perfect day out for toddlers! Not only is it great fun, it helps their development too!

With the introduction of a midweek toddler and adult ticket, BeWILDerwood really is the place to go to enhance your little one’s development. With acres of natural woodland, magical stories and endless adventures, it’s a no brainer when picking somewhere not only to entertain, but to enhance your little one’s development too.

The new Toddlewood ticket is just £10.50 and allows entry for 1 x adult and 1 x 3 years and under on weekdays which is fantastic value! Any additional tickets are in line with their normal day tickets.

So why is a trip to BeWILDerwood so beneficial to little ones?

Play is a crucial part of a child’s development. BeWILDerwood is a giant outdoor adventure park, so hours of play are guaranteed in the woods. Its also a great way for your little explorer to make friends and interact with others which is great for their social skills. Not only is BeWILDerwood a giant play area to explore, but the attraction is also based on a series of magical children’s books. So, when you enter the woods, you’re actually entering an enchanted land full of story and imagination.

Author and Creator of the BeWILDerwood books Tom Blofeld commented,

“That really is the beauty of BeWILDerwood and what sets us apart from other play parks. You’re transported into another world, full of make believe! One of my favourite things is seeing visitors pointing out the Twiggle and Boggle houses and seeing their faces as they enter - for a child and a grow-nup it really is quite magical.” He continued, “It’s actually where the whole concept came from - as a child I would play in the woods and imagine these characters, the Boggles and Twiggles. So, it all stems from the imagination of a child really - that is what we want to do here, spark imagination!”

Tom Blofeld, Creator & Author BeWILDerwood

There is also an interactive Storytelling Stage where you can meet the characters and hear the BeWILDerwood stories. With undercover seating, this is the perfect spot for a quick break and a snack too!

The natural outdoor setting is quite unique when looking for a day out. Instead of sitting indoors and watching your toddler tackle an indoor play area, outdoor play helps little ones explore the world around them. It encourages them to use their senses as they explore the smells, sounds and textures of the wild woods. Being outdoors also tests their physical skills too, such as balance and coordination as they navigate the terrain and wooden play areas.

With special areas just for little explorers, as well as interactive storytelling, crafts and sandpits the woods are full of adventure. And at just £10.50 the new Toddlewood tickets are proving very popular. Find out more and plan your weekday adventure!