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Colourful treehouses and a wooden play structure at BeWILDerwood

What is

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  • Published 12th Jan 2024

BeWILDerwood is a huge outdoor woodland adventure for all the family to enjoy. But what makes it extra special is that it's based on a series of magical children’s books. You’ll discover the story of BeWILDerwood as you enter a magical world full of adventure, Boggles, Twiggles and more!

The BeWILDerwood Books

The adventure parks are based on a series of enchanting children’s books by creator and author Tom Blofeld. That means that visitors can walk in the footsteps of the curious characters and create their very own story whilst on their BeWILDerwood adventure.

A Boggle at BeWILDerwood

Embark on a WILD adventure with Swampy and his friends with the first magical book in the series. “Deep within the pongy swamps of BeWILDerwood lives Swampy, a young Marsh Boggle.”

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Discover the BeWILDerwood stories

There are even more books in the series! Why not read them all before your visit?

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The Characters

The books are bursting with curious characters sure to spark imagination. They include Swampy the Marsh Boggle, Mildred the Crocklebog, the Thornyclod Spider, Snagglefang the BeWILDerbat, Hazel the Good Wood Witch, Minty, and many more!

As well as reading about them in the BeWILDerwood books, you can even meet some of them at the Storytelling Stage here in the woods!

Meet the Characters

Swampy, Mildred, Thornyclod, Snagglefang and more! There's a whole world of curious creatures waiting at BeWILDerwood.

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Big adventures

There’s sooo much to explore at BeWILDerwood for both teeny and tall explorers!

  • Slippery Slopes: Our super big and slippery slides!

  • Wobbly Wires: Zip through the trees on our super speedy zip wires!

  • Storytelling Stage: Watch the magical tales of the BeWILDerwood characters at our fabulous outdoor theatre!

  • Sky Maze: Can you find your way to the very top of the trees?

  • Den Building: Work as a team and build the best den ever!

Discover the Story

Enter the WILD and wonderful world of BeWILDerwood and meet the curious characters who live there!

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