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BeWILDerwood Memberships
now double the fun!

  • 2 minute read
  • Published 26th Feb 2024

Visit BOTH parks for the same great price!

The award-winning outdoor adventure parks are continuing to expand their offering and ensure visitors get as much value as possible when visiting the woods. As well as a special offer on for Mother’s Day, BeWILDerwood have just announced their memberships will now include access to both parks (Norfolk and Cheshire).  That’s double the fun, double the value and double the adventure!

Starting from only £45 the BeWILDerwood memberships really are fantastic value. They now allow daytime access to both parks between February and October (see seasonal opening dates), as well as multiple discounts and guaranteed entry to their sell out winter events, including the award-winning Christmas event, and beloved Halloween trail: The Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade.

Other perks include discounts onsite, a bring a friend to play for free voucher and free access to their exclusive BeWILDerfriend evenings – why not go to both!

“We’ve been asked about opening our memberships up to include both sites by our members since Cheshire opened a few years ago. Now that it’s found its feet, we thought it was the perfect time to expand our membership offering. We get a lot of visitors who live in Cheshire but holiday in Norfolk. Or, they live near Norfolk and have family in Cheshire, so this is perfect for them. It’s really a fabulous offer – it's double the fun for the same cost! We reduced Membership prices last year and even added in extra perks for our members! What more could you want?”

Tom Blofeld